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Foods to avoid

Hard Foods


Braces can break easily, since they are actually designed to be removed from your teeth at the end of orthodontic treatment without damaging the enamel. Therefore we strongly advise our patients to avoid chewing on hard foods like nuts and lollies. Alternatively, we advise cutting up healthy hard foods like apples, carrots, etc. before consuming them.


Soft Drinks + Candy 

Too much candy will eventually damage the enamel around the brackets and therefore we also advise you to limit your sugary intake.

Soft drinks (including regular and diet soda pop, fruit drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks) weaken tooth enamel. They are even harder on teeth with orthodontic 'appliances' such as braces or aligners. It is recommended that you avoid soft drinks during your orthodontic treatment so that your teeth stay healthy and strong, and you finish your treatment with a good bite and a healthy, beautiful smile.

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