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It is handy to familiarise yourself with the bits and pieces of your braces in case you need to communicate this to your orthodontist. Here is a diagram to help you with the right words.



B) Bracket
Brackets are glued directly to your teeth.

(A) Archwire
The archwire passes through the bracket and is tied on to it with a ligature.

(T) Tube
Tubes are glued to your back teeth and the ends of the archwire feed into it.

(L) Ligature
A ligature is a tiny rubber ring or fine wire that ties the archwire to the bracket.

(M) Metal Band
A metal band is a metal ring that is glued to your tooth.

(E) Elastic bands and (H) Hooks
Elastics bands are attached to hooks, which help move your teeth into its final position.



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