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Sore Teeth


Orthodontic braces are worth the effort in order to get straightened teeth, but the discomfort that you will likely experience can initially be discouraging and uncomfortable. This discomfort is most likely associated with your body responding to the pressure on your teeth, and it can vary depending on your age, stress levels, and gender. There is no single cure for getting rid of orthodontic brace pain, but the bulk of it will occur during the first 24 - 72 hours after the braces are fitted. There are some remedies that will lessen the pain.

  • Stick to a soft diet (yogurts, omelette, smoothies, etc.)

  • Eat cold foods

  • Avoid acidic drinks and foods

  • Avoid hard or sticky foods

  • Apply orthodontic wax to your braces to ease rubbing pain

  • If necessary take an over-the-counter pain relief

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